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Financial Freedom Blues

by Usiere Uko

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Financial freedom seems to be the current buzzword in the world of self-improvement. This has spawned a new industry, and alongside it, some curious schemes and fantastic claims of how to achieve financial freedom in months.

Financial freedom means different things to different people. For some, it means freedom to spend, as they want without going seeing red. For others, it means freedom to do whatever it is they really want to do without finances having to dictate what, how and when. Financial freedom encompasses both, and more...

I have found that enduring financial freedom only comes about by discovering your talent and developing to mastery level. At this level, you skill commands resources effortlessly if you know how to market yourself, or get an agent to market you. You will not need to depend on questionable schemes to make you rich in months. You will get to the top and remain there if you do not go to sleep. You can go the distance because it is something you love. You make money while having fun.

If you do not have a clue what your core talent is, and go about chasing money, you will jump from one scheme to another, pursuing a mirage. Even in the event that you finally land something that makes you money, you will not last. For instance, if you are not salesperson material, and you join a network marketing organization, you are useless to the network and to yourself. Some promise, "no selling/recruiting required". I wonder if the money will drop from the sky.

If you do not know who you are or what your areas of core competence are, trying to make money online or offline is a waste of time, energy and resources. You may manage some here and there, but frustration will soon set in. If you are a fish, water is the best place to be, and if you are a bird, take to the sky. Do what you love.

You need to look beyond money. If you are a slave to money, you may never attain financial freedom. For most folks, their life decisions are based on money. If you are offered three jobs same day, chances are, you will go for the one with the most generous offer. You may never stop to ponder where you are headed as a guide to what steps you take, what choices you make.

If you are addicted to money, you will lose your way. Money will lead you off your trail to a highway to nowhere. You will lose your focus completely. This is why it is critical to have clear goals and focus, in your head, heart and on paper. If you have it clearly spelt out, you will be able to withstand the temptation to derail. You will be able to keep your eyes where you are headed.

If you know where you are headed you will not jump at any offer that pops in front of your computer screen. You will judge every step you take and every move you make in the light of which direction you are headed. Your progress may seem slow, but you are moving surely and steadily towards your destination.

It is very hard to navigate your way to financial freedom from the plethora of claims and offers on the net. You have to remain true to yourself, to your core values and innate character. Do not be swayed by every whim and caprice. Chart your path and follow it through.

There is no one way to financial freedom. You have to chart your individual path. We are all unique, with a unique set of talents and temperament. There is no one on this planet like you. You alone know what you are about. You are the only one who can find your way home. Sure you need the help of others, but the buck stops right at your desk.

If you are willing to discover your talents and take it to the sky, then you are ready to fly. Be the best that you can be. Just do it. Bon voyage.

Usiere Uko is the webmaster of Financial Freedom Inspiration and editor of the free monthly Financial Freedom Inspiration Newsletter featuring articles to inspire you to exit the rat race and fulfill your God given dreams and purpose.
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