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What is Personal Development?
When many people think of personal development, their minds immediately go to "Positive Thinking". They think of Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale, and empty optimism. While thinking positively, knowing...

Leadership Success And Overcoming Adversities Zig Ziglar Story
Leadership Success and Overcoming Adversities: "Zig" Ziglar story -Noted Motivational Speaker and Chairman, Ziglar Training SystemsBy Howard Edward Haller, Ph. D. This groundbreaking leadership research...

What Do You Want From Life
Success means many different things to different people. Perhaps you consider success to mean the freedom to spend more time with your family. Or perhaps you will feel successful when you are earning a...

Making Personal Development Personal
We've written before about Impact Factory's brand of Professional Personal Development (Professional Personal Development What is it?), but we're just going to take a little side step here to talk about the broader issue of Personal Development.

Principles That Govern My Life
The strength and durability of a building is found in its foundation. The same is true in a life. What we accomplish and the effect we have on those around us is not only in what we do, but also in who we are.

An Unexpected $36,000 Already
Just a few short weeks ago, Mike began to put his big plans for the year into action. Like so many of us, he and his wife had decided that now that their daughter was grown, they wanted to work less and...

It Is A Challenge To Succeed
While most people spend most of their lives struggling to earn a living, a much smaller number seem to have everything going their way. Instead of just earning a living, the smaller group is busily engaged in designing and enjoying a fortune.

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